Xbox One S Slated To Step In Markets On 2nd August 2016

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Microsoft is all set to begin the sales the Xbox One S from 2nd August, 2016. The best thing is that Xbox One S will be offered with three different price tags and capacities - a 2TB version will be available for $399, a 1TB version available for $349, and a basic 500GB version for just $299. Although, the company will be releasing the 2TB version on 2nd August, the rest two will be available soon after that. 

More information about this console will be shared by the PC legend by next week. So all those waiting for 1TB and 500GB version of Xbox One S should know that these will step in market by end of this year. All these version are presently available for preorder via Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, and Microsoft’s official site. Whosoever preorders the 2TB iteration of console can get this one on 2nd August. You can always walk in your local dealership of GameStop, Best Buy, and Microsoft store and check out the availability. The availability of these consoles is, however, higher than its demand. Therefore, you will have to hurry in ordering the 2TB version of this console. 

Microsoft is working diligently to boost sales figures of Xbox One. The company has slashed the prices, bundled free games and cherry on the top, it is also bringing-in a Kinect-free version of this console. The new version of this console is a modified version and promises to be better than the previous ones. It is more compact, pocket friendly, and gives extra support to 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs along with 4K streaming services which will pave a path for battling with both Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. Since, the new version of this console supports 4K resolution, the colors will be vibrant and blacks will be darker with this one. 

The High Definition feature of this one will work well with TV shows and movies and will support the game highly by taking them to 4K. The only thing that you will need for these one is a 4K compatible TV.