The Wearable Pokemon Device is Not Just for Kids – Know why it is driving adults crazy

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Since the 1950s to the 1980s, the tagline for Trix breakfast cereal stated that ‘Trix’ is just for kids. Even the advertisement was pictured on a comical rabbit running through all types of machinations to grab his hands on the vibrant cereal. That was basically the tale of Pokemon Plus, but the ‘Pokemon Go’ accessory has been introduced recently. Just like ‘Trix’ even this wearable was meant to be used by kids, but in reality, it has gained popularity among the much elderly group.

As informed by Ninatic founder and the chief technology officer, Phil Keslin, this newly introduced wearable is cost-effective and a reality gadget for children. According to Keslin, “The primary idea was that this gadget could be offered to children who do not possess a personal phone and those who run around their parents nearby. The gadget is wearable, vibrant and would brighten up. The users can take instant action and get Pokemon without requiring a phone. Later on, they can take the help of their parents to review what all they have captured. It was introduced with an aim to offer children an interesting and simple way to play without using a cell phone.”

But instead kids, these are the adults, who are scooping up the stock in availability, and keen to get benefitted from the Pokemon Go’s Plus ability to ensure the game running even, especially when the phone screen is off.

‘Pokemon Go Plus’ is a watch-like wearable device with a button in the centre. It can be used for communicating with smartphones via

Bluetooth LE. Also, it utilizes a LED as well as vibration moto to deliver notifications. It vibrates and flashes when the user is close to a Pokemon or Pokestop with little bit varying patterns.

As per the detailed explanation of the game, the key point of the game is to identify the Pokemon that are virtual citters linked to the real-world spots. You grab all essential tools to catch the Pokestops. Ultimately, you can become a part of the team and then bring Pokemon to ‘gyms’ to ditch them against the Pokemon grounded by other teams.

This wearable enables users to catch Pokemon and gather items from Pokestops by pressing the button and to lay eggs by wandering specific distances. Throughout this, the phone of the user is locked, and the app is functioning in the background. Conventionally, making the app moving while keeping the phone locked was not feasible. And without a fixed screen to use for choosing and targeting a ball, the success rate of players in capturing a high-powered Pokemon is low; however, it is quite feasible for the basic Pokemon feature.

While the device is already a hit, the next thing to consider is what upgrades will be added to it. As a surprise, Keslin would not offer specifics but he did not enhance reality is not a necessary constraint to being a visual technology. According to Keslin, “We have not still discovered the enhanced audio experience as much as we could do.”