Watch Out The 2.4” Color TFT LCD with IPS Display

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The 2.4-inch TFT LCD module with IPS panel comes embedded with TFT technology. The LCD module that we are talking about here has 240 x 320 RGB resolution that can be viewed from all sides. A unique product, the 2.4” LCD makes use of Ilitek ILI9341 single-chip driver for driving the display. It is one driver that has a complete color display mode that backs the 262K colors enabling it to show any shade of color practically. The IPS display provides better color accuracy, higher refreshing rate, a wide viewing angle, and much sharper images.

Fig. 1: 2.4” Color TFT LCD with IPS Display
(Image Source: Displaytech)


The 2.4” IPS TFT LCD modules also have driver IC, TFT-LCD, LED, and FPC backlight. You can take a look at the major features and specifications of this LCD screen.

●      Panel Type: a Si TFT LCD

●      LCD Digital: TFT Digital

●      Brightness: 220cd/m2

●      Display mode: Usually white

●      Image Reversion: left/right and up/down

●      Completely compatible with PAL and NTSC systems.

●      Aspect Ratio: 16:9

●      Weight: TBD

●      Pixel Arrangement: MCU/RGB vertical stripe

●      Outline dimensions: 42.72*60.26mm

●      Surface Treatment: anti-glare

●      Contrast Ratio: 500:1

●      Backlight: 1x4-LED

●      Applications: Data transfer, medical instruments, gambling machines, white goods, PDAs, mobile phones, control machines, amusement machines, EPOS machines, point of sale machines, electronics, automotive, telecom systems, and so forth.