SunPower Sets New Benchmarks In Terms Of Efficiency

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The second largest solar energy production company in US, recently established new benchmarks in terms of solar panel efficiency. With the new record, it left behind its own record that was set just a quarter back. The new prototype solar panel converts 24.1 per cent of sun’s heat into power. The new module consists if single solar cells that are little more efficient than the complete panel on a whole. The conversion capacity of single cells has been doubled in the recent version, however, their conversion into panels’ deals with several complications such as increased complexity and higher costs.

This device was examined by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a special Energy’s lab department that keeps records of the chart. Major part of this panel is highly efficient made from monocrystalline silicon which is also one of the most commonly used materials for solar cells. Maximum panels have an efficiency ranging between 15-18 per cent. Efficiency enhancement has been on top in the checklist of solar industry. SunPower has made special efforts in highlighting the sales efficiency of these panels.

Other firms have been working on same issue with several other tangible projects. SolarCity, the number one provider of solar energy in US, has manufactured modules with an efficiency of 22 percent. The company further plans to start building modules at its flagship plant located in N.Y.. As the senior vice-president of SunPower likes to add, “With greater efficiency, we can fit more watts on the roof.” Higher efficiency will allow these panels to generate more electricity in minor regions to bring down the production costs.

Customary solar cells consists of a very thin layer of silicon that has been treated with chemicals to generate electricity whenever sunlight shines over it. There are narrow silver wires placed on the anterior end of the cell that collects the energy. The circuit gets completed with a background carved from aluminum. SunPower’s entities are extracted from Maxeon solar cells that have been tweaked a bit to form the contemporary design. The basic framework of the cell is almost the same, however, the silver wires have been replaced with an electrode material that has poorer electrical features but runs across the complete front end of the panel. In absence of wiring, the sunlight directly penetrates the cell while the mirrors beneath it reflect the diffused light in the electrode which further improves the efficiency.