ST And Weifu Come Together To Address The Automotive Engine Control Concept

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STMicroelectronics, the world leader in semiconductors, and Weifu High-Technology Co., Ltd, a renowned automotive electronics control system provider from China, recently announced ST’s contribution in Weifu’s Researching and Testing Institute of Engineering and Technology. The two have joined forces in order to focus over study and development of automotive core solutions, along with oil-burner fuel injection equipment (FIE), intake systems, and automotive exhaust post-processing systems.

China is adopting to more stringent emission regulations in wake of rapid growth of vehicle sales in China. This has led to rise in adoption of more and more electronic control systems by automakers. The recent China V standard has already been declared in Shanghai and China and will come in effect from 2018. Due to this, ST and Weifu have come together to share their core strengths in order to address the prerequisites established by government and changing dynamics of industry.

Weifu holds expertise in electronic control systems for three major kind of automotive applications that includes: fuel injection, exhaust, and intake. ST, on the other hand, is global leader in supply of semiconductors to automobile industry. The later also has a rich network of auto parts and components suppliers and owns one of the widest portfolios of automotive ICs in industry.

As the General Manager of Weifu, Xiaodong Wang, likes to say, “Weifu is one of the China’s leading domestic providers of engine core components and control solutions. We have established good relationships and cooperation with many leading engine makers in China in diesel-engine fuel-injection equipment, diesel-engine air-intake systems, and exhaust after-treatment systems. The cooperation with ST combines their cutting-edge application-specific ICs and solutions with our proprietary engine-control solutions, to ensure outstanding quality and performance.”

Edoardo Merli, the Marketing and Application Director of Automotive Product Group, Greater China and South Asia Region, STMicroelectornics, further adds, “with increasing automated control technology in automotive appliances and the development of China’s emission standards for vehicles, cooperation across disciplines becomes necessary. ST is a leader in engaging with its partners to build strong ecosystems that include microcontrollers and peripheral chips together with development tool chains. We believe ourcollaboaration with Weifu will bring even greater momentum to ST’s development of the automotive IC market in China while helping our partner to cultivate the Electronic Diesel Control market.”

In order to take this association to next step, ST will be offering its most advanced automotive semiconductor technology and solutions which will include single as well as multi-cylinder diesel injection control system, high- and low-side driving chips for general purposes, 32-bit microcontrollers based on Power ArchitectureTM reference designs, technical support, training, suitable application notes, and development tools.