A Single Camera to Enable a Panoramic Understanding of Remote Field Sites

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Fujitsu Laboratories has come up with a technology that generates synthesized 3D panoramic screens to completely understand the conditions throughout a work site for on-site maintenance, inspection and other work.

The remote work support technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories uses a worker-side camera to generate a 3D panoramic images to convey the entire scene of a field site in a way that is easy to grasp. By using the camera images and sensors to estimate a worker's position in real time and enables precise instructions to be conveyed directly to the field site from a remote location. Like this it developed the user interface and work instruction AR presentation technology.

Key features

  1. Online 3D image synthesis technology for field site images

To tracks the camera's position and orientation in real time, this technology extracts a number of characteristic points in a scene from multiple images shot at the work site. It will select the clean images and placed at the appropriate spot and forms a 3D scene. Then transmits to the remote support operator. At the remote support operator side, an accurate 3D image will display with a strong sense which provide a picture of a work site over a wide scope.

  2. Worker activity monitoring and AR presentation technology for work guidance

This technology incorporates information from multiple sensors in order to reproduce the three-dimensional spatial structure of the actual work-site using a generated 3D image. And to make a highly precise estimate of the worker's position and orientation which is used to represent a virtual scene that places the worker as a 3D model in a synthesized panoramic image. The remote support operator can give guidance in the form of pointers or notes placed in the 3D image. This guidance is immediately passed to the worker's smart device and is presented as AR information in real time, corrected for the worker's position and orientation