A Short Glance at Samsung’s Completely Wireless IconX Earbuds

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Organizations all over the world are now focusing on fitness and health of their consumers. Electronics companies too are not far behind and are participating in this cause by designing devices that compel users to stand up and take a walk. In same lieu, Samsung recently introduced two latest brands of wearables that focus on that chunk of population that is too conscious about their health and fitness. The company has come up with a pair of wireless earbuds the completely new IconX and Gear Fit 2 activity tracker.

Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 Watch: First one is the Gear Fit 2. The company has already brought forth a wide range of devices, this one comes with a number of modifications that are way better than the earlier iterations. You can always start with the display screen which is an upgraded one with a 1.5” Super AMOLED screen which is more curvaceous and offers more convenience to the wearers. Battery life is one of the biggest concerns with respect to such wearables. In this case, you can rest assured as the Samsung Gear Fit 2 comes with a sustainable battery that can stay active for 3-4 days without charging. In terms of features, it has an in-built heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and an auto multi-sport. Samsung has also eradicated the start button this time, in place of that the device recognizes the user’s activity on its own and starts working. You can select the related activity and it will start tracking yoga, pilates, squats, and so on. It also sports a GPS that will help the users in tracking their routes and never get lost. The watch has a4GB in-built storage capacity which can store all music that you want to listen while exercising. This device will hit market floors by 10th of June and can be pre-ordered from company’s official website.

IconX – The next big thing from Samsung, the IconX wireless headphones happen to be one of the coolest thing you will see in this century. It is a truly wireless headphones and not even the small ones that connects both earbuds with each other. Every headphone has its own radio and individual battery. These are packed with features up to gills and just like Gear Fit 2 these are pretty much capable of monitoring heart rate, speed and distance tracker. Sound makes a greater difference to your workout motivation which means for longer sessions you need more battery life. It is one of the drawbacks with IconX, the headphones are capable of playing music only for 60-90 minutes. Unless you have smaller workout sessions, it would be wise to take your charger or power bank with you. These are priced somewhere around the third quarter of this year.