Power Savvy and Space Integrated Solution For On-Board Charging Applications in Vehicles

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The one of the leading drivers of energy efficient innovations recently came up with Automotive IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules) that provide best power density and much better overall performance in OBC (On-Board Charging) as well as other high-voltage DC-DC conversion applications for PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and EVs (Electric Vehicles). These FAM65xxx APM16-packaged systems offer a fully-featured solution that simplifies design-in for automotive buyers with a single device frameline covering bridge rectifier, PFC, and H-Bridge configurations for taking care of DC-DC and OBC stage. 

APM16 Modules For OBC

Image Showing APM16 Modules For OBC That Are To Be Shown At Electronica 

The FAM65xxx modules takes care of a fastly expanding market as the numbers of PHEV and EV vehicle designs as well as production volumes keep increasing. These are capable of saving precisely half of board space as well as ease up the manufacturability versus discrete solutions based on components. The smaller sizes combined with weight and higher efficiency level can drastically improve system efficiency and power density. This can significantly contribute to lesser CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for automotives. 

ON Semiconductor’s advanced IPMs also provide much better reliability against discrete solutions as well as several other power modules. This better reliability  comes in because of optimized internal layout and content leading to outstanding thermal performance. Moreover, much lower EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) could be achieved  because of integrated high voltage capacitor. The systems also come embedded with internal DBC (Direct Bonded Copper) structure that is completely isolated to 5 kilovolts AC per second. It simplifies the usage by bringing down the need for insulation sheets associated with discrete solutions. Reliability and safety is also underlined with compliance to the best automotive qualifications - AEQC 101 as well as AQG324.