Samsung Backs IoT Platform For Smart Home And Much More

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A few days back, electronic giant Samsung motivated an investor’s group in funding an IoT startup called Afero to invest $20.3 million under a program called Series A financing. Brought forth in December 2015, Afero aims at becoming an extended IoT platform that offers meaningful solutions for the widely known information silo problem that enterprise IoT and consumer devices.

How Afero Helps In Breaking Down The IoT Barriers?

The Afero platform aims to permit IoT developers to enhance speed up the process of product manufacturing as well as deployment by automating the central development steps for cloud and mobile. This task will be accomplished by secure usage of scalable cloud services, , developer tools, and Bluetooth module to gather analytics and make connected equipment. The prime objectives of this platform include: 

   >> To empower enterprise IoT markets and consumer smart homes. These two projects are estimated to yield returns worth $6 trillion    dollars for next 5 years.

   >> Simplifying the development process of new entities and bringing up the legacy products.

   >> To embed comprehensive security across the platform.

   >> Permitting interoperability among all smart brand devices with the help of Afero’s end-to-end architecture. 

It is no surprise that Samsung has a strong inclination towards device interoperability. There are a number of other companies that are seeking this path. Samsung’s own SmartThings platform happens to be a member of Z-Wave Alliance, a group of organizations completely dedicated to promotion of inter-brand connectivity. The company also announced its own IoT platform, SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud that shares the same objective of enhancing interoperability between applications and devices. Its latest association with Afero paves a path for consolidation of two platforms in future.

As Shankar Chandran, the Samsung Catalyst Fund’s head, likes to add that, “This investment amplifies our strategy of open innovation and collaboration which fuels innovative startups and enables them to bring their visions to market more effectively.” Chandran favors Samsung’s partnership with a company that shares its objectives and hopes that two will come together to make a better world and some more extensive IoT platforms. He further adds, “Afero has built an elegant end-to-end platform solution that solves a real problem for companies struggling to set-up, deploy and manage IoT at scale.”