Robot Therapist will now Move Along the Sports Persons in the Field

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Experiments of an original robot for sports therapy have just instigated in Singapore, to prepare a premium quality and recurring treatment routine to enhance sports recovery, diminishing reliance on skilled therapists.


The name of the robot is Emma, which is a short form for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation, has already handled around 50 patients in experiments including skilled athletes for situations varying from a stiff neck, stiff shoulders, and pain in lower back to tennis elbows.

Emma robot is like an arm that is inbuilt with a 3-dimensional stereoscopic camera and a personalized 3-D printed massage tip. It utilizes diagnostic functions and sensors to evaluate the response of a sufferer and the stiffness of a specific tendon or muscle. The detailed diagnostics are experiments and uploaded to the cloud so that it is possible to monitor closely the recovery of the patient.

Emma is crafted by a fresh graduate from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore whose initial firm is gestated by the University. Emma, at present, is undergoing some trials as Kin Teck Kong, an advanced medical institution with a series of clinics that provide sports injury recovery and management of pain through the incorporation of modern sports science and conventional Chinese medicine.

The name of the graduate is Albert Zhang, who is the inventor or Emma and founder of the newly established AiTreat to produce and ultimately market this inventiveness. According to him, he intended to rectify few of the challenges experienced by pain management and sports therapy clinics, like shortage of skilled therapists and a requirement to offer best-quality therapy on a regular basis.

“We have introduced Emma as a clinically skilled tool that can automatically provide treatment to patients as suggested by a physiotherapist,” says Mr. Zhang. He graduated from the University of NTU in 2010.

“Emma will be one of the very first robots out in the souk particularly for utilization by Conventional Chinese Medicine physicians and sports therapists. Our goal is not to exchange the therapists who are proficient in sports massage as well as acupressure therapy, but to enhance productivity by allowing one therapist to aid numerous patients with the support of these robots.”

Emma possessed a user-friendly interface and suggested guidelines for numerous sports injuries, was created by Mr. Zhang based on his knowledge of treating injuries caused due to sports as a licensed TCM physician in Singapore for the last five years. Also, the robot has multiple safety features functioning in tandem with modern pressure sensors to comply the security and comfort of its patients. Ms. Coco Zhang, the Executive Director of Kin Teck Tong, says the novel physiotherapy robot has the skill to be a disruptive creation, specifically for the pain management and sports science industry.

“The countries like United States, Japan, China, Europe, and Singapore is also experiencing a swiftly aging population. Over the years, it is expected that some people will suffer from physical ailments like arthritis and will fall in need of instant treatment,” says Ms. Zhang. Emma has been introduced as a solution to the prevailing and upcoming health problems, which mostly sports persons, are expected to encounter.