Renesas Electronics Brings Forth 32-Bit RX66T MCU Group; Suitable For Robotics, Home Appliance, and Industrial Devices

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One of the premier suppliers of highly advanced semiconductor solutions, Renesas Electronics Corporation, recently introduced the RX66T Microcontrollers Group which is one of the first members of Renesas’ flagship product line, the RX Microcontrollers family taken from the third-generation RXv3 CPU core. 


Fig. 1: Renesas 32-bit RX66T MCU Group for Motor Control 

These new MCUs take-in the the advanced CPU core technology for achieving better performance. The newer level of this performance is approx. 2.5 better than the preceding RX family MCUs. These new MCUs are also capable of taking care of other requirements like better stability and real-time performance via inverter control. These new microcontrollers are quite suitable for complete range of industrial applications for the next-gen smart factory equipment like robots, power conditioners, as well as motors. The same is equally suitable for home appliances like washing machines and air conditioners. 

As the General Manager of IA Solutions Business Division, Industrial Business Unit, Akira Denda, puts it, “AI technology is transforming the industrial equipment and home appliance industries, and the emergence of e-AI in these markets will be a catalyst for new innovation at the endpoint. The new RX66T MCU Group will help further accelerate the use of intelligent endpoints employing real-time e-AI performance. This trend will drive smarter home appliances and improve production efficiency in smart factories.” 

As more and more devices varying from power conditioners to dryers, washers, and robots joining Internet of Things, such motorized equipment need online firmware updates all across their life cycles. The application of e-AI for predictable failure diagnostics demands endpoint MCus for secure updating with much better results created in cloud. The RX66T MCU Group inculcates Renesas’ TSIP (Trusted Secure IP) that comes with a track record of CAVP certification and offers a very safe and secure encrypted communication and firmware updates.