PTC Brings Forth New Version of Windchill To Support Medical Device Industry

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PTC recently announced its plans to bring forth an enhancement for Windchill in collaboration with USDM Life Sciences. The modified avatar of Windchill is a unique, pre-defined configuration named as Medical Device Industry Value-Ready Deployment (VRD). It has been designed especially for the medical device sector to offer solution for process quality and built-in product. As per the Vice President of PLM, PTC, “Together with the USDM solution, the PTC solution enables medical device industry customers to accelerate and streamline the validation process, allowing them to reduce cost of poor quality (COPQ), improve compliance with government regulatory requirements, and improve new product introduction (NPI) cycles and performance.”

In this pretext, medical device VRD has PTC’s WIndchill that is preconfigured and optimized for medical device makers. Along with, the package has also been blessed with “best practices” tools that will come as modular web training seminars, sample data, demo scripts, story boards, and other kind of interactive tools. The main purpose of all these entities will be to support acceptance and adoption of advanced PLM package.

Apart from training tools, PTC’s VRD will also come with several other tools that play vital role in product development. These will include computer based validation plans, validation test scripts, software validation summary reports, system requirement specifications, and much more. Lastly, the medical device VRD will be fully equipped with a tailored cloud onboarding process for speedy deployment and some on-premise onboarding tools meant for those looking forward to any in-house deployment plan.

Presently, the PTC medical instrument VRD is backing up the U.S. FDA’s “Case for Quality” movement, it will validate it to deal with the rigidities of medical product development bureaucracy. In order to add more life to this software, PTC has decided that its solutions will also be offered in form of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) like entity which will simplify deployment to quite an extent irrespective of the size of firm offering it.