Prototyping For Sensor Hubs To Be Accelerated With Low Power MCUs

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Renesas recently announced the RL78/G11 MCUs, a cluster of low power, small-package devices that will allow better speed of prototyping along with system development that can support sensor based application systems and low power sensor hubs. These MCUs are going to support around 13 sensors inside a 24-pin package. These have also been bestowed with an extended range of features that include flash operating mode transitions, standby memory in 4μsand so forth. These features are capable of optimizing the operating performance of CPU and will contribute to energy savings on an equal scale. 

These MCUs are also capable of supporting voltage measurement in a battery. The sensing ability in these devices is with respect to an internal fixed voltage that works from a 1.8V power supply that also contributes to energy savings. The RL78/G11 group helps low power operation with the help of 16kbyte flash memory card, few analogue peripherals like D/A converters, A/D/ converters, a PGA, and a few others. It can be availed in standard 20-pin LSSOP, 4 x 4mm HWQFN, and 3 x 3mm WFLGA. 

The firm is ready to offer a simulation environment that will include development tools, evaluation boards, as well as software program for evaluation periods and prototyping. The maker claims that these devices come with a wide range of features and are capable of handling a wide range of functions that standby flyback control, along with an INTFO function that can interfere with the signals from external pins directly. One can always use some smart features such as event link controller, data transfer controller, the peripherals can be easily connected on an internal level to bring down load over CPU and reduce power consumption on an average.