New Generation of Earplugs Steps In Market

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Flare Audio wants its consumers to enjoy undistorted, pure music. The prime endeavour of this team is to build and design those products whose basic framework revolves around waveform integrity i.e. the signal entering a system identical with the one that is produced by the system. The company is carrying out a very successful campaign called ISOLATE - solid titanium micro ear plugs that have been designed to isolate the listener from outer world.

The present range of these earplugs is being offered with both titanium and aluminum bases. However, these come in contact with the user’s ears through ear foams. The maker claims that the customary earplugs absorb the sound waves that are being filtered out and allows a few others to pass. ISOLATE earplugs, on the other hand, block the sound waves completely and permit the user’s ears to conduct the sound straight away. The range of these products currently includes three different ear foam sizes that can help every kind of ear canal.

Since, the design of these ear plugs revolves somewhere around the lower frequencies that generate more energies. The plugs block the lower energy sound altogether that keep the ears from long term damage. The safety aspect makes these plugs more suitable for racing environments or manufacturing plants and will also help the user in sleeping in noisy environment. The basic rule is that sound above 85 decibels are the upper limit for safer sounds.

Flare has filed a patent for these earplugs which is still pending in courts. The campaign page demonstrates that none of the electronics have been used during assembling of these earplugs. It is yet to be decided whether the earplugs are unique in terms of their geometry or the novel manner in which these are manufactured. It is really encouraging to see development of new products that are unique on so many fronts and focus on safety of consumers. Implication of a completely new approach to something as simple as earphone can lead to several new ideas.