Microsemi Announces Sampling Of Highest Performing Enterprise 4 PCIe Controller In The Industry

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Microsemi, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology Inc., recently announced that it is putting forth its latest Flashtec™ NVMe 3016 Gen 4 PCIe controller for sampling to early adopters. This is one of the first of its kind enterprise controller in industry.



Fig. 1: Flashtec™ NVMe 3016 Gen 4 PCIe controller
(Image Source: Microsemi)

The Flashtec™ NVMe 3016 Gen 4 PCIe controller will address market demands for high-performance, high-reliability PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSDs (Solid State Drives). The Flashtec™ NVMe 3016 Gen 4 PCIe controller can deliver throughput higher than 8 GB per second and above 2 million IOPS. This device promises end-to-end enterprise class data integrity with higher reliability and outstanding ECC and RAID that supports upcoming TLC (Triple Level Cell) as well as  QLC (Quarter Level Cell) NAND technologies aiming at high growth storage end point markets like data storage, center, and server. Its programmability and flexibility provides the users with an opportunity to uniquely optimize their personal SSD solutions for variety of applications like Open Channel SSDs, Key Value, and NVMe. The programmable flash channel controller interface of this device permits customers to future proof numerous generations of NAND technologies.

As the vice president of Microsemi’s Data Center Solutions business unit, Peete Hazen, adds, “We're excited to sample our new Flashtec NVMe 3016 controller to enable the next generation of high-performance PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSDs. We're working closely with our customers to enable industry-leading solutions based on our highly flexible and programmable controller platform, and to accelerate time to market through our architectural and firmware development tools and support."

Microsemi’s Flashtec NVMe 3016 controller completely support best-in-class enterprise features that go much beyond the NVMe 1.3 protocol with most advanced virtualization, encryption, security as well as higher security support. Microsemi’s Flashtec NVMe 3016 is part of a complete end-to-end solution of endpoint and storage infrastructure solutions for PCIe Gen 4.