Meet The Best Designed Semi-truck In The World: Nikola

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Tesla has no match when it comes to the future of transportation world. Whether it is about sports cars special editions or electric cars, it models have set new benchmarks in every aspect. The biggest proof that once again proves this point is the Model 3 that registered around 400, 000 pre-orders, however, later the number came down to 373, 000. Meanwhile, there is one more brand that has created history by raking in an amount of $2.3 billion through pre-order during its first month. It is none other than the Nikola Motor Company, named after the world known American-Serbian inventor.

Named as Nikola One, the truck has been loaded with 800V AC motors that receive power from 320kWh lithium-ion batteries supporting a 6x6 all-wheel drive. The vehicle also features WABCO air disc brakes on front as well as rear end, both these have regenerative electric motor braking system. As the CEO of the company, Trevor Milton, quotes, “Out technology is 10-15 years ahead of any other OEM in fuel efficiencies, MPG and emissions. We are the only OEM to have a near zero emission truck and still outperform diesel trucks running at 80, 000 pounds.” The company claims that Nikola has potential to produce torque worth 3, 700 ft-lbs for a power figure of 2, 000 HP.

But the best part is that this truck can be leased at the most cost-effective prices. You can easily get one on lease for $4000 - $5000 per month. The final figure will depend on the configurations and available options with the truck. The company is also offering scheduled servicing and guarantee for first one million miles of fuel for the first 25, 000 customers. It will literally offset the complete amount they will be paying for the truck. This calculation is based on some estimates from the company, as per their calculations the truck will burn fuel worth $400,000 and the owner will be spending an amount of $ 100, 000 in its maintenance for the first million miles.

It is true that the company has been promoting this truck as an electric one in the market, but Nikola is neither installing any charging stations or hubs for the vehicle. The batteries will be recharged with a turbine that Nikola defines as “fuel agnostic” which means these can be ordered in multiple versions: natural gas, gasoline, as well as diesel. But the company also declares that it will be putting up around 55 CNG stations in North America. Nikola owns a number of natural gas wells that the company plans to use for supplying CNG to the nearby stations. It will allow the company to keep check on fuel prices for its buyers. It is slated to hit market on 2nd December 2016 and has already made a pre-sale of $2.8-billion which is pretty impressive.