Introducing Smart Locking Technology With PIN Genie

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Lee Zheng was once astounded when one of his close friend accessed his phone by simply noticing him entering his pin number. This got him desperate to change pin based locking system. Also, the keypad that was in use there over smooth surfaces. Therefore, he took the problem to his team and they all set out to find the solution. Being a product manager at PIN Genie he had all the required resources to carry out the research, finally they were successful in coming up with a new kind of smart door lock. The company has recently started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to get sponsorship for their first round of production. 

PIN Genie basically makes use of button zones each of which has three numbers that randomize the physical geographies of where the PIN number will be entered. The zones get further randomized for use in next round. You can access the technology presently on the iPhone app of company. The company has made smart use of AES 256 encryption algorithm for securing the information. For Zheng, the aesthetics of the lock get prime significance, once the team was satisfied with internal parts and systems they turned their focus on improving its industrial design. The main areas of focus during development were convenience and security. 

The biggest challenge was to make this application compatible for cell phones as well as manual locking systems. They needed to look after security concerns of both digital and real world. Their present phone app has received more than 100000 downloads while the retention rate is more than 60 percent. This motivated the team to raise the bar of security for the lock in the physical world. They have worked very hard to meet the best security standards like FCC, UL, and BHMA. For this purpose, they worked with some of the best lock pickers in industry who also did the benchmark testing later on. This lock can be installed over your door like any regular lock and works with four AA batteries.