Introducing A New Range of Antennas that Offers Connectivity for IoT Devices

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Antenna Company recently introduced a new range of antenna systems and technologies that promise a wide range of applications including both outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi, mobile computing, IoT, telematics, and connected home applications. The Antenna Company has patented SuperShape technology that improves efficiency, gain, coverage, and isolation versus conventional embedded antenna designs present in market these days.

The Independent benchmark tests have proved that SuperShape antennas enhance the range and output of all kinds by 50-100 percent under both non-line of sight and line of sight conditions.the company has used its proprietary dielectric resonator design approach which allow the antennas to gain different shapes and sizes that can meet all kinds of cost, system integration, and performance demands.

In terms of indoor Wi-Fi applications, these highly responsive antennas offer higher level radiation characteristics with better efficiency as compared to the present day antennas. The maker is also offering optimized dual-band as well as single band antenna systems for embedded, compact designs that ask for higher levels of isolation among numerous antennas. The Antenna Company is also offering optimized reference designs for 802.11ac MIMO or as one calls Multi-user MIMO system configurations that range from 2x2 till 8x8 leading to delivery of gigabit wireless performance.

For outdoor applications, on the other hand, the SuperShape directional Wi-Fi antennas allow high gain, compact, high performance antennas arrays that have been designed for tough outdoor conditions. These are known for out-performing the large sized micro-striped array solutions. The products covered under this new range are more suited for wireless backhaul, stadium deployments, and high density metropolitans along with 3G or 4G network offload applications. Similar kind of application based antennas have been introduced for telematic applications, laptop computers, mobile computing devices, Smart Home & Connected Home applications.

As per the CEO of the company, David Favreau, “ Antenna Company has re-energized the field of antenna technology, enabling meaningful improvements in real world performance through our use of proprietary materials and patented design methodology. Our SuperShape antennas are optimized for system-level performance and can be applied over a wide frequency range to boost the performance of both existing and emerging wireless technologies.”