Intelligence To Be Driven To Edges Of Digital Factory With Maxim’s Go-IO

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Maxim brings-in the best solution for all those designers who are struggling hard to get more intelligence in the Industry 4.0 digital factory devices while catering the power and size requirements of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) on inner end. All those designers can now move on to the advanced Go-IO reference design presented by Maxim Integrated. The Go-IO comes with 17 configurable IOs in space that measure just half of credit card in size and bring out the potential of I for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). These also pave out way for self-diagnostic, productivity enhancing abilities in the automated factory subsystems. 

Fig. 1: Maxim Integrated’s Go-IO 

Digital factories are capable of dynamically adjusting the manufacturing line over the fly on the basis of changing or new needs and requirements. For realizing complete industrial convergence, automated equipment needs to possess optimization and self-diagnostic. Maxim’s Go-IO drives intelligence  much closer to edge allowing better communication between equipment as well as active monitoring. The communication is mainly about status and health information allowing better productivity and throughput. The reference design s also capable of meeting rapidly rising power and size requirement of PLCs offering approx. 10% smaller size solution and 50% less power consumption as compared to Maxim’s industry-leading predecessor, the Pocket based IO. 

Go-IO comes loaded with several technologies such as MAXM15462, MAX14483, MAX14130, MAXM22511, MAX14912, MAX22192, and MAX14819. As the principal research analyst at the IHS Market, Robbie Galoso, puts it, “Implementing industrial IoT requires increasing the number of smart, connected sensors and PLCs within automated factories’ edge equipment. Solutions aiming to accelerate the adoption of these devices should prove valuable for producing commodities as diverse as automobiles, cosmetics and sporting equipment.”