The Intel Core I7 Extreme Edition – All That You Need To Know

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Intel believes that Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition is one of the most extensive and upgraded platforms built by them. It will bring a big revolution in the way people create, work, and play. The company has been keeping a track of the expanding desires and demands of consumers and has created the latest edition in same lieu. It aims at fulfilling all expectations and requirements of the present generation of users. In their words, it has been designed not only for multi-tasking but for mega-tasking. They claim that performance of this edition is 10 times better than its predecessors.

The present day tech-enthusiasts wish to push up the thresholds of their system with numerous compute intensive applications. Intel read the signs and created the new processor with intend to cater this rising demand. Gamers, for example, count somewhere around 1.3 billion across the globe. Gaming is no more a simple pastime, it is more of a live sport where gamers like to live-stream their game, keep other posted about their progress and relish a fan base for their gaming spirit and skills. The proof of this could be wide read last year at Intel’s Extreme Masters that registered presence of about 1, 00, 000 participants from all over the world. Online gaming is becoming one of the most rapidly growing segment of entertainment sector where gamers are not only playing but creating awe-inspiring game sites, online content, their personal online channels, and becoming YouTube celebrities.

Online gamers have established higher benchmarks in this respect which compelled Intel to think of a making a system that has no limits. The new version of Intel Core processor gives its users full permission to push the limits of their desktops harder and reach new heights in terms of overall experience and performance. It will be accompanied by Intel Turbo Max Technology 3.0, applications will be steered to pinnacle of performance allowing single-threaded experience the best performance ever. The 40PCle lanes directly connected into the CPU offer a wide range of options to gamers that will allow them to expand their system’s potential. The processor comes with Intel SSD 750 Series solid state drives, Thunderbolt 3 technology, and multiple GFX cards that boost the overall efficiency of the system to a completely new level. And the biggest highlight is that this version comes with unlocked processors which is one of the biggest requirements of online gaming. The latest Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition comes with unlockers and tools that every gamer would need to upgrade their system.

With respect to virtual reality, the i7 Extreme Edition comes embedded with HTC Vive* and Oculus Rift which gives more than enough room for such special effects. Online gamers can now say hello the most vivid gaming experience that will allow them to play the most complicated levels with great ease and create new VR ambiences as per their requirements.