Innovative USB-Based Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Lineup

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Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation has introduced an innovative USB-based real-time spectrum analyzer. The Tektronix spectrum analyzer is a full featured, spectrum analysis solution at a low price. Here knobs, operating modes and screens are replaced with software and the groundbreaking technology were added to get more smaller package.

There are 4 new higher performance models targeted to provide a better spectrum management, design, wireless transmitter installation and maintenance applications. 

This new RSA500 and RSA600 series of spectrum analyzer provides the frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 7.5 GHz along with the 40 MHz bandwidth, a measurement dynamic range from -161dBm/Hz average noise level and up to +30 dBm maximum input. It supports both a line-operated laboratory package and a rugged battery-operated package with an option for the tablet PC. For basic device, cable and antenna testing, it has an optional tracking generator with an integrated internal bridge. Here the instruments can be operated from the desktop PC, laptop or tablet through a standard USB 3.0 connection. For in-depth analysis, by using an updated version SignalVu-PC software suite, it provides 17 measurements, real-time DPX signal processing, and a range of application-specific add-on modules. Tektronix USB-based instruments represent an exceptional value with pricing levels and provides a better performance.

Rugged tool for spectrum management

The RSA500 series of portable spectrum analyzers brings lab performance levels to the field for fast, cost-effective spectrum management, interference hunting and network troubleshooting.  The series includes the 3 GHz RSA503A and the 7.5 GHz RSA507A. It includes additional features like GPS receiver and tracking generator for cable and antenna testing. The RSA500s allow spectrum managers to see very short duration signals for fast identification of interfering signals.

Cost-effective RF debug for labs

The RSA600 series instruments including the 3 GHz RSA603A and the 7.5 GHz RSA607A. This is designed to use line-cord power and has a desktop form factor. These analyzers can be used for a wide range of design applications.

The SignalVu PC Updates

The Signal Vu-PC receives, acts like a user interface with a number of new options and capabilities. It has new options to expand the support for signal classification, channel navigation, and support for mapping. Record and playback for long signals is also an available.


The RSA500 and RSA600 Series of innovative USB based real-time spectrum analyzers are now available for order worldwide.