Infineon scores in Multiphase Power Systems for Servers and other demanding Systems

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Infineon Technologies adds a new integrated power stage family, with a power efficiency rating of about 96 percent. The new power stage devices can be combined with Infineon’s latest generation digital PWM power management controllers. This provides a full multiphase voltage regulation system solution for storage, server, client and communication Systems.

The integrated power stage reduces power loss and simplifies the design in VR solutions for multicore processors, FPGA’s and ASICs, where power management is critical. Current rating of 70 A in a small 5 mm V 6 mm PQFN SMD package helps phase reduction in multiphase systems. The integrated power stage module also offers smart self-protection with over voltage and current protection, very accurate temperature and current information to the customer systems.

Richard Kuncic, Vice President and General Manager of Infineon’s Business Line DCDC recently told in a press release that, “Infineon has greatly expanded its portfolio of power management technologies”. “The integrated power stage combines further increases in energy efficiency with power density for enterprise power applications.”

DC to DC Integrated Power Stage.


Infineon offers a wide portfolio of power stage solutions, and recognized in the whole industry as Best in class for power efficiency and power density. Infineon’s product offering includes highest integrated power stages, like 25v latest generation power stage, DrMOS 5 X 5, DrMOS, new DrMOS 4 X 4, and DrBlade as well as MOSFETs gate driver tailored to our OptiMOS and Primarion products.

Highlights on Integrated Power Stage.


> The latest generation high efficiency 25v integrated power stages.

> Highest efficiency on smallest form factor – DrMOS 4 X 4.

> Reach a peak efficiency of more than 95% - DrMOS 5 X 5.

> Highest efficiency with the new generation – DrBlade.

> DC – DC voltage regulation system.