HPE Brings Forth Its High Computing Platform For Manufacturers

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There was a time when High-Performance Computing (HPC) was significant only to research and academic institutions. But now, more and more industries like financial services, life sciences, energy, and manufacturing ones are realizing its value and are thus putting forth their resources to create platforms that can help in accelerating their workload performance and simplifying the complexities of their rapidly expanding infrastructures.

In order to make things easier for manufacturing companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprises recently announced its plans in this direction. The end product will mainly help customers in deployment of HPC solutions. Apart from such solutions, the prime highlight is gained by a new software-based platform for HPC that has been designed especially to accelerate and simplify deployment, configuring, and management of HP customers employing HPE Core HPC Software Stack along with HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility v8.0.

The software stack mainly uses a wide range of open-source development tools, compilers, and libraries empowered by HPE cluster management abilities designed for meeting all requirements and expectations of users for speedy deployment and look after of HPC environments. HPE is completing this picture with ProLiant XL260a server trays that are a higher level modification of Apollo 6000 system. It is based on Intel Xeon Phi processor family and bears the Intel Omni-Path Architecture. Along with, the company is also modifying the mini Apollo 2000 system for better reliability, efficiency, and performance.

The new line of products introduced by HP will mainly help companies in increasing their simulation capabilities and computing potential. The company is also bringing forth the HPE ANSYS Solution for CAE that has been designed for addressing the design prototyping and simulation requirements for all kind of customers and large sized companies. As Steve Conway, the research vice president of International Data Corporation’s high performance computing department likes to add, “As the global HPC market leader with 35.9 per cent market share, HPE is upping the ante with new additions to its already-large HPE Apollo portfolio of purpose-built solutions. These innovative solutions aim to accelerate HPC adoption by organizations of all sizes and segments by enabling faster time to value and increased competitive differentiation, which is achieved via better parallel processing performance and reduced complexity and deployment time.”