HP Brings Forth Its First Jet Fusion 3D Printer Along With A New Era Of Manufacturing

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After so many speculations, assumptions, rumors, teasers, as well as presentations, HP has finally submitted its first submission to the 3D printing industry and it is nothing less than amazing. There were so many who were counting upon collecting all information about this printer and are finally at peace knowing about every nook and corner of this pioneer device from HP. Every time someone took a tour through Spain located HP labs, the only question that tormented all minds was how the world renowned company was going to address the biggest question about 3D printing and what new was going get added in it.  

The best answer to all questions and queries regarding matter can only be answered by the fact that HP has brought-in nothing less than a revolution in the manufacturing industry. As per MJF the clearest signal for creating things in digital manner is out now. HP recently revealed an ocean of information along with the revelation of this product. Every senior engineer, researcher, as well as manager involved in the making of this printer was present at the one and a half day event where they offered the most extensive insight into every single aspect and factor related to this printer. There were hundreds of questions thrown at them and they stunned complete audience with their answers. 

The complete story came down to five majorpoints that will characterize MJF: speed, part quality, voxel-level, multicolor, and multimaterial capabilities, competitiveness, and an open-material philosophy that works in sync with the concept of mass production. In order to yield unparalleled results on all these aspects, HP researchers derived the best of every technology present in manufacturing segment’s technological genre. All these were blend together and modified to a new level in order to give out the best possible product. The product in all sets up a new benchmark on every aspect that will act as an objective for manufacturing industry in coming years.  

Coming back to the first 3D printer from the company, MJF will be fist applied in the manufacturing of end-use parts as well as functional prototypes. In words’ of its maker, MJF is capable of working way faster than other pre-existing 3D printing technologies. HP has employed a special double gear which clearly explains the higher speed of this printer. In terms of stats, this one world ten times faster than SLS and almost 50 times faster than FDM. It performs this task by blending together a complete layer of powders in a single pass. Its working is pretty much similar to binder jetting where the X arm deposits the powder while the Y arm deposits liquid refining agent. Further, energy is added in form of heat through infrared lamps. Because of this, a complete layer gets fused in one go and resultantly the time needed to print every single layer gets shortened against SLS. You can imagine this technique to be very much similar to the Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing.