How To Manage Risks Associated With Cloud?

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The concept of using cloud for all personal and professional reasons is an alluring task with its own pros and cons. A cost-effective solution that caters all your needs and demands and comes up with new modifications every now and then seems like an alluring option to both organizations and individuals. It is the root cause of its rapid adoption across the world. However, there are experts who suggest caution in this respect as well. Every new option comes with its own caveat of threats and risks and this one is no exception.

The prime risks related to cloud can include cyber-attacks, potential decrement in transactional integrity, or putting data confidentiality to jeopardy. One needs to be careful about understanding such challenges for designing the environment properly and establishing sustainable management processes in order to maintain a strong line of security. Information assurance is a must under one such scenario.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to mitigate the cloud related risks such as the following:

  • By always staying well-informed about benefits and risks related to adoption of cloud services.
  • Know what kind of attacks and threats can put your cloud services and data at risk.
  • Try to bring those practices in that take care of the top 10 assurance categories related to cloud.
  • Enhance the quality of the plan by bringing in expert resources.
  • Try to establish accountability with respect to lifestyle.
  • Never be afraid or scared to ask, no one can get it right in one shot.

Matthew Rosenquist, the cybersecurity strategist for Intel, recently gave a presentation on strategic recommendations for cloud adoption to infrastructure and application developers. The first step towards Cloud is to work with teams that pursue the benefits and those responsible for taking care of that environment. It is imperative to take practical steps for cloud adoption that can help in keeping risks at bay while you enjoy all benefits of it. Teams need to face and take care of security challenges to be successful.