Google’s Most Awaited Project Tango Finally Hits The Floor

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The biggest evolution in smart phone world that everybody was looking forward to is finally here. The smartphones are smarter now as Project Tango is now completely set to reach the end-users. You can now measure the dimensions of a wall by just pointing your phone to it or find your way out of any mall or crowded place by bringing your phone camera in level with your eye or choose any piece of furniture from a store and see how it will look in your living room. Project Tango is actually a spatially aware camera system from Google that makes all this possible. Combine it with your smartphone and you can turn around the world around you. The technology is now moving out of producer’s hands and reaching out to consumers.

The Phab2 Pro recently made to headlines at Lenovo’s on-going TechWorld in San Francisco for bring the first device to carry Google’s Project Tango in it. Lenovo claims that with this device the technology will be reaching in hands of consumers six months prior to final date. It is a treat for all those who like to adopt advanced technologies on earliest stages. You can get an easy access to a phone that can manage to instill numerous cameras to obtain best benefit from Project Tango’s occasionally live magic. The phone comes with a large 6.4-inches 1440p display screen, a Snapdragon 652 processor, Dolby 5.1 recording capabilities, and Dolby Atoms playback ability.

A technology of this kind was much awaited because the smart phone world had reached a point of stagnation in last few months. This phone comes with a number of advanced abilities that include Indoor Navigation, most interactive and amazing games, way better AR and VR experiences, and much more. Once you get accustomed to the Phab2 Pro, you might want to get rid of your over-expensive iPhone which is incapable of measuring a window or insert a dinosaur in a room. This phone might not be the best available handset but it will definitely change the way you look at things. You can order it for a price of $500 from September onwards at Lowes as well as online.

Lenovo will also be bringing-in without Tango versions of this phone which means you will have two choices – Phab2 or Phab2 Plus that will be priced at $200 and $300 respectively. However, once you realize the magic offered by Tango you might not want to make a wrong investment in the other version of this phone.