Facebook Brings Forth Deep Text Al For Analyzing User Posts With Respect To Hate Speech

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Artificial Intelligence seems to be leading the way in almost every segment of tech world. Following the release of Google’s AlphaGo Al that actually took over the WorldGo champion and created a world record, Facebook too has come up with its own version of this software. What makes this one different from others is the fact that this one is result of an out of the box thinking pattern. The company recently showcased the development of artificial intelligence system that is potent enough to analyze what people are quoting in their newsfeed.

Called as the Christened DeepText, the Al carries almost human level of accuracy along with a special prowess in around 20 languages. The company believes that the Al will sort out posts and comments that stink of hatred and negative feelings. This in turn would enable Facebook to remove all such stuff even before anyone else is able to read it. A commendable effort in spreading positive outlook among people. If that can be done, imagine how many people can be saved unwanted humiliation, depression, harassment, and suffering.

The company further explains that development of this software was not an easy task. There is a complete world of algorithms manipulated to accomplish this task. It simply meant to teach a machine to differentiate between “This is my phone, This is my phone, and This is my phone. It might sound very simple in speech but very difficult to be done in software world.

DeepText has been enabled with such capabilities that allow it to perform several other higher level tasks that includes getting hang of a person’s basic intent behind a specific set of words. Facebook is already using an image reporting system that is being used for screening the images that are a threat to security. DeepTest is not limited to just reporting, it can also provide suggestion based on a person’s conditions. So, if you are talking to someone about taking a ride, it might give you suggestions about closest cab services available for you. It is pretty handy and is currently being tested with Facebook’s messenger services. Company also plans to bring-in a deeper level of integration with this software in coming years.