Do you Know that Light Can Exist in a Completely Unknown Form as Well?

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As per a latest research conducted by scientists working in Imperial College London, it is possible to make a new kind of light by binding it with a single electron. When binded together, all properties of these two materials can be brought together in one go. As per the discoverers of this process, the electron and light coupling can have properties that can help in creation of circuits that function  with packages of light and photons instead of electrons. It would also permit the researchers to do study of quantum physical phenomena that controls the particles that are smaller than atoms over a visible scale.

In most normal substances, light deals with a complete host of electrons that are present on the surface as well as inner layers of the material. However, while the team was working on it they found that light can interact with a single electron over the surface. This leads to coupling of both materials and fuses some of their properties with each other. Usually, light goes in a straight line but when it binds with an electron, it follows the path of electron rather than follwing its own path.

In the official study, Dr. Vincenzo Giannini and his team did the experiment over the nanoparticle whose diameter was less than 0.00000001 meters. Their models shows that light takes up the path of electron while the later takes up a few properties of light. Usually, as the electrons travel by the materials like electrical circuits and these stop moving as soon as a defect is encountered. But the team working on it found that despite presence of imperfections over the nanoparticle’s surface, the electron kept moving forward with the help of light.

Dr.Giannini explains, “The results of this research will have a huge impact on the way we conceive light. Topological insulators were only discovered in the last decade, but are already providing us with new phenomena to study and new ways to explore important concepts in physics." He further adds that the phenomena can be observed with the help of latest technology. His team has been working with other experimental physicists to turn this concept into reality.

It is his firm belief that the process straightaway leads to creation of a new light form that can be scaled up easily.