Disneyland Looking Forward To Talking Droids That Will Interact With Visitors In Star Wars Lands

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When it comes to magnetic pulls, it is not only the Bermuda triangle that is hard to escape from, Star Wars stands as a true rival to this natural phenomenon. In short, you can love it, hate it but you can’t avoid it. But Disney had other reasons for showing such deep interest in this epic movie series. It is currently in process of bringing the world of Star Wars alive in some parts of Walt Disney World. The animation giant has created some special characters for its Star Wars themed lands that will roam around and interact with visitors.

If you are also excited like us please hold on because the project needs minimum two more years to complete. However, an enthusiastic YouTuber, DAPs Magic, recently spotted this advanced interactive droid named Jake that was being tested at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland. It is yet to be known if the droid is fully autonomous or semi-autonomous, but it is for sure that it will have some kind of autonomous features which will make interactions with it much more fun and memorable for all guests. It will be capable of roaming around freely without crashing into visitors and keeping away from obstacles.

At present, Jake has ability to talk with the exhibits in the Launch Bay. It is not that fancy like Star Wars characters but looks very promising. Droids will definitely play a vital role giving an authentic experience to Star Wars fans and not disappoint them in terms of technology and fun. No doubt, Disney has spent a bulk amount on development of this character. The company is known for working very diligently when it comes to diminishing the lines between fancy lands and real lands. Remember the full-sized iteration of Wall-E that was spotted some eight years ago in this park?