Did You Meet Zenbo – The Smart And Cute Robot From Asus?

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The Computex 2016 recently witnessed a small sized robot named Zenbo for residential purposes. What makes this little companion the best choice is its price which is reasonably tagged at $600. It can now be said with complete assurance that robots will touch lives of common people in coming years in the more crucial manners. Dimensionally, Zenbo stands tall with a height that reaches an adult’s knees. You can consider it equivalent with smart voice assistant like Apple’s SIRI, Amazon’s Echo, or Google Assistant. However, it is a step ahead with touch screen, wheels, and way more innocence than usual robots.

As Jonney Shih, ASUS’s Chairman, likes to quote that, “For decades, humans have dreamed of owning such a companion. One that is smart, dear to our hearts, and always at our disposal. Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household.”SUS has empowered Zenbo with a wide range of smart features that transform it into a smart home robot that is even capable of entertaining your kids as and when they get bored. It can tell them stories in the most unique manner keeping them engaged for most of the time. The robot is also capable of taking care of elders at your home by communicating their state of health to prescribed contacts. Therefore, if someone breaks-in in your home it will send an alert note instantly to your family and also permit the members to connect and chat by video with them. Its touch enabled face also allows you to shop online by dictating your passwords or have a live video chat session with your near and dear ones.

Zenbo is also capable of finding the most interesting recipes for you and dictate the recipes while you make an effort to cook something. It is very responsive and capable enough of taking voice commands and remind you about your regular medication and other to-do tasks. Apart from these, it can also manage all IoT-connected devices in home. It also has an in-built library that can tell stories to your kids as long as they want. In case, the family members leave home in a hurry, it will take care of all power systems and switch off television and other things as and when required. ASUS has priced this cute friend at a price of $600 USD and it is expected to give a touch fight to Softbank’s Pepper humanoid robot that costs three times of it at $1900.