DiD You Hear About Volvo’s Iron Knight That Has Power Of 2400 Horses

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It is hard to imagine semi-trucks as a ferocious speedy vehicle. These are huge sized, monster kind of machines but still you can't imagine these that way. However, Volvo has worked out differently this time and is all set to change the long-going impression of these vehicles. Its ultra-smart Iron Knight is all set to break world records for speed this month. According to the Swedish auto giant,complete structure of this vehicle has been customized with added efforts from company’s designers, technicians, and engineers. Except for the Iron Knight’s I-Shift Dual Clutch and power mill, every single component of this machine has been structured to deliver maximum performance. Consider its body frame, for example, it has been checked thoroughly. The team has made repeated checks on every single entity to ensure their quality and contribution in performance of the vehicle on a whole.

volvo trucks

Figure 1: Volvo Trucks

Nigel Atterbury, the senior designer at Volvo, likes to explain, “The cab is made of fiberglass and designed to cut air resistance to an absolute minimum. The side-skirts give the truck an impressive stance with their large air ducts that supply the engine with cooling-air. The Iron Knight' has an attractive and powerful design inspired by today's Volvo FH. You just have to look at the vehicle to realize that this is a truly fast truck. Even when it's at a standstill it looks like it's on the move.”

The aerodynamics modification will surely definitely make it a contender of world records, the engines will definitely add to its charisma and glory. The Iron Knight will be featuring a rectified D13 power mill mounted on the middle end. The vehicle will be equipped with a watercooled intercooler along with four turbochargers. This powertrain will empower this vehicle to deliver power worth 24000hp against the pea torque of 6000Nm. You can add the potential of  electronic systems and electrical systems to it. Claes Nilsson, CEO and President of Volvo Trucks adds, “The Iron Knight is the perfect way to showcase the competence and innovative power of Volvo Trucks. At the same time, our aim was to generate new insights into technical and design solutions. The intention is to transfer some of these to our series-produced trucks."