The Dawn Of 5G Era: What All To Expect And Accept?

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The speed and scope of mobility is getting higher and higher with every passing day. The foundation of present day world was kept on mobility and free access to data from everywhere. And the foundations of tomorrow are being built on a hope to touch the last extent of mobility which means connected cars, factories, manufacturing sites, drones, and others. There is no denial to the fact that machines are coming and will soon form a greater part of our world. It will an era of highest order of connectivity, the era of 5G.

Intel realizes this fact very clearly and has been making necessary preparations for it. Its forthcoming set of technologies will have applicability across a much wider ecosystem that will surpass everything that has ever been seen by the telecommunication and wireless industry till date. It signifies one of the most advanced times that will have everything connected with a higher level of intelligence and probably a better decision taking ability. We will be connected from one end-to-another which means all our life processes will be smarter, faster, and way more efficient then it is now. It will surely transform that way we all live out life and do business.

All this has brought-in three prime areas under focus of Intel: end-to-end 5G hardware, industry partnership, and software development that supports 5G networking. The team of developers and designers here is striving hard to create complete package of solutions that will include the device, network, as well as cloud. The prototype solutions are being prepared on a rapid pace with new platforms like 5G mobile trial platform and some benchmark establishing systems like IEEE and 3GPP. These will surely recognize the 5G standards and will define a smoother path for its inclusion in consumers’ lives.

The new age of connectivity will bring together Internet of Things (IoT), memory, FPGAs, and every single device around us. The total number of nodes or devices that are expected to be included in this network is somewhere around 50 billion that will be spread across our homes, workplaces, travelling paths, commutation channels, and so forth. 5G will come with a potency to transfer data hundred times faster than the present day wireless technique. But a potential like this will only be possible when a convergence of communications and computing takes place.