Car Running On Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Processors Bestowed With Power Of Android OS

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Qualcomm Incorporation recently announced that one of its subsidiary named Qualcomm Technologies Inc. has been working in association with Google to automotive with the strength of Android directly. The prime endeavor behind this move is to empower the infotainment systems of cars with better connectivity and ability to offer safer driving experience to users. The team working on this project aims to accelerate innovation in automotive with a unique approach that provides scale, customization, as well as openness.

The main features of this car were displayed at Google I/O where it ran on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Automotive Processor that connects cars with infotainment systems. One of the flagship products, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Automotive processor comes with a power-efficient tailored CPU, lightning fast X12 LTE modem capable enough of attaining C12 speeds, awe-inspiring GPU performance, and awesome video processing capabilities. It will empower auto manufacturers with the most scalable solutions that are not only smart and connected but also well aware of their surroundings.

Automotive Development Platforms (ADP) can always be used by automakers, suppliers, and developers in creation of Android-powered infotainment solutions with respect to Snapdragon 602A and Snapdragon 820A processors. The ADPs offered by Intrisync will offer an access for development, optimization, examination, and show-casing of next-gen infotainment solution on the platform. It will also allow platform and OEM developers to reduce the time and risk involved in software development and start their last production software qualification sooner.

As Patrick Brady, the Director of Android Engineering quoted, “Google is committed to building Android into a platform that fuels innovation in the automotive space. We are in close collaboration with industry leaders such as Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. toeing the best of Android into the automobile in a safe and seamless way. This initiative represents the next step in bringing the power of an open platform and rich ecosystem that enables car makers to create powerful infotainment systems designed for the digital age”

On the other side, Nakul Duggal, the VP of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. product management speaks, “Snapdragon Automotive processors, combined with Android, will enable the automotive ecosystem to create cutting-edge connected car and infotainment platforms, Android as the infotainment OS in the car will allow drivers and passengers to interact with their vehicles in new and exciting ways. We are pleased to be working with Google and the automotive ecosystem to usher in the next generation of in-car experiences.”

Google and Qualcomm Technologies showcased the Android in-car concept empowered by Snapdragon 820A processor Google I/O held in Sandbox on May 20th, 2016.