Bose Finally Sets Its Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones On Wireless Mode

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Bose can never stop talking about the invention story of its noise cancelling headphones. However, it was getting a little of date since stores were getting saturated with wireless ear devices of all kind. Realizing this, Bose is now coming back to race with wireless noise-cancelling headphones – the QuietComforts.

In terms of looks and style, these are pretty much same. The over-ear QuiteComfort 35s can be availed in two prime colors – silver and black. It is still plastic inside out. It might not score high in terms of style but it gets full marks in terms of comfort and compactness. The design is completely collapsible which means you can now travel with the advanced version of your best companion. The right ear bears the buttons for volume adjustment and skipping tracks along with the power switch. Cherry on the cake is a battery life of 20 hours which means you can travel half of the world with headphones on.

In case, you were wondering about the prices, it is brand based pricing strategy which means Bose is not merciful on buyer’s pockets this time as well. You can get one pair of these headphones for $350. But it is still less than a few others whose price sticker goes as high as $400. Although, these are not the best looking headphones but they have an edge over others in context with noise cancelling.

There is some confusion among the readers as the headphones being showcased by Bose are the QuietControl 30 earbuds. Just like QuietControl 35s, the 30s ear buds also come with a noise cancelling feature which allows you to adjust the quite level as high as you need. Whether you are stuck in heavy traffic or walking down a busy street, you can just turn up the noise cancelling feature and your world will become a solemn and quiet place.

It is not a very advanced concept though, there are several other better modifications available in market. Some of those can even change the noise as it enters your ear. You can get your hands on this one somewhere around September this year. Bose also introduced two more earbuds that have been designed especially for fitness-oriented people – the SoundSport and SoundSport Pulse. SoundSport are the water proof wireless workout earbuds that come with six hours battery life. These lack any kind of noise cancelling feature and will clearly be competing with Samsung’s IconX earbuds. While SoundSport  are priced somewhere around $150, SoundSport Pulse cost goes up to $200.