Automated 100G Electrical Test Solution for up to 70GHz Real-Time Oscilloscopes

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Tektronix, a leading worldwide provider of measurement solutions has come up with a new Automated 100G electrical test solution for up to 70 GHz real- time oscilloscopes which is the first fully automated solution for IEEE 802.3bm and IEEE 802.3bj standards.

This is available for Tektronix performance oscilloscopes from 33 GHz up to 70 GHz, it also supports 100G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bj and IEEE 802.3bm Annex 83) electrical validation and characterization needs. 100GBASE-CR4/KR4 and CAUI4 technologies are supported, which are the principal electrical specifications for 100G Ethernet. With these additional features, Tektronix now provides the complete set of IEEE 802.3bm and 802.3bj solutions which includes both optical (100GBASE-SR4) and electrical validation.

Tektronix provides a clear and incisive characterization report, which makes the user feel easy while using the device for testing. It also reduces the test and validation complexity which is the key to bring interchangeable 100G optical and electrical modules.

Conformance testing for IEEE data communication standards is basically an extemporary since it is not a formal certification process. So, the Tektronix introduced a common set of tools that can be used to provide an accurate and consistent set of metrics against which designers can compare designs and components electrical or optical performance.

Traditional instruments using synchronous time interleaved architectures have too much noise or insufficient bandwidth. That allows effective noise and jitter decomposition of the complex electrical signals. The ATI acquired signals, along with the new 100G CAUI4/KR4/CR4 TekExpress solution, provides a powerful combination of capabilities never before offered together in a real-time oscilloscope. To deliver very low noise and unprecedented measurement accuracy, the Tektronix CAUAI4/ KR4/ CR4 test automation solution uses the unique Asynchronous Time Interleaved (ATI) technology found in DPO70000SX 70 and 50 GHz oscilloscopes.


The Tektronix, Automated 100G-CAUI4/KR4/CR4 electrical test solution for real-time oscilloscopes is now available for order worldwide.