The US Air Force is working on general artificial intelligence

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The term GAI refers to an artificial intelligence with human-level or better cognition. Basically, when people argue that today’s AI isn’t “real AI,” they’re confusing the terminology with GAI: machines that think. Deep within the cavernous expanses of the US Air Force research laboratories a scientist named Paul Yaworsky toils away endlessly in a quest to make America’s aircraft intelligent beings of sheer destruction. Or, maybe he’s trying to bring the office coffee pot to life, we really don’t know his end-game. What we do know comes from a pre-published research paper we found on ArXiv that was just begging for a hyperbolic headline. Maybe “US Air Force developing robots that can think and commit murder,” or something like that. In reality Yaworksy’s work appears to lay the foundation for a future approach to general intelligence in machines. He proposes a framework by which the gaps between common AI and GAI can be bridged.