Microchip – Simplifying the development of secure connected nodes

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As the IoT accelerates and internet connectivity is extended into practically every industrial segment, security threats are intensifying in quantity and scale. These threats can destroy the reputation of those attacked, affect company financials and enable intellectual property to be stolen or destroyed. Microchip Technology has announced that its CEC1702 hardware cryptography-enabled MCU now supports the DICE security standard, offering an easy way to add key security to embedded products. A new IoT development kit for Microsoft Azure IoT is also offered, allowing designers everything required to simply incorporate the DICE security standard in their products.

Hackers have become more sophisticated, making it crucial that system designers implement sound security principles in the construction of their product. Produced and backed by industry experts from the TC), DICE is an easy and reliable method that can be implemented in the hardware of security products during manufacturing.

“Designing and deploying secure devices remains a significant challenge for developers,” said Ian Harris, vice president of Microchip’s computing products group. “Implementing security with DICE gives designers confidence that the fundamental security of their device is based on principles that were developed and reviewed by industry experts. Combined with the DICE architecture, the full-featured CEC1702 provides an easy way to add the crucial security and privacy features required by embedded systems.”

“As the IoT landscape continues to increase with security threats, customers can turn to Microchip’s IoT development kit to quickly and easily connect devices to the cloud and incorporate DICE security standards in their product,” said Sam George, director, Microsoft Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp. “The development kit enables customers to implement the DICE standard into a device’s hardware while also benefitting from Microsoft Azure’s security and privacy features.”


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